Sleeping Tips For Summer

woman sleeping


If you experience summer sleep issues, read on for some tips for a more restful summer.


Invest in some blackout curtains for your bedroom.

The sun is out longer, which can mean up to a couple extra hours of sunlight depending on where you live. That’s hard for your body, and it’s really hard to fall asleep when rays of sun are streaming in through your window. The sun also rises earlier, so those same rays of sunshine will wake you up earlier in the morning, cutting your sleep cycle shorter. If you’re hoping to stick to your usual sleep routine, the best thing you can do is invest in some blackout curtains to block the light from shining into your room. It may also help to invest in some curtains for the room where you spend the most time before going to bed, so that you can train your brain to power down for the evening.


Cool your room and your temperature.

We sleep best when our body is in a cooler room. With the summer heat, you’ll have to take extra steps to ensure your room is set up for a cool evening. If you have air conditioning, set it to 65 degrees Fahrenheit before you go to bed. You can also use a ceiling fan to circulate the air in your room. If you haven’t switched from your winter flannel sheets to your summer cooling sheets, it’s time to make the change.

Cooling your body temperature ahead of a hot night can also help you sleep better. Take a cold shower before bed and have a glass of ice water on your nightstand. Take a sip before you call it a night.


We hope this helps you have a good night of sleep!