3 Things You Can Do Throughout The Day To Improve Your Sleep

woman sleeping

The actions you take throughout the day impact the way you sleep at night. If you’re looking for ways to improve your sleep, it starts with how you treat your body during the day.


Limit caffeine intake and stop drinking it earlier in the day.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that can impact how well you sleep and how quickly you fall asleep. If you are a heavy coffee or soda drinker, start by reducing how much you’re consuming throughout the day. If you can, cut it off earlier in the day, say by 10 a.m. Caffeine lives in your system for hours, and if you drink it later in the day or even in the evening it can impact sleep.


Exercise is helpful to sleep.

Exercising 20 to 30 minutes a day can help you fall asleep easier, and may even cause a difference in quality of sleep. Being active has a wide range of other health benefits too, so if you’re searching to improve your sleep and your health, this is a good action to start with.


Limit screen time in the evenings.

Avoid screens and bright lights as much as you can in the hour before you plan to go to sleep. Try to relax before bed — read a book, take a bath or try another relaxing activity that keeps you away from bright lights. Your room should be created for sleep, so it should be dark, quiet and cool. Leave the phone in a different room, or out of arm’s reach, so you’re not tempted to scroll while trying to fall asleep.


If you’re doing all of these things and still struggling to fall or stay a sleep, give us a call. You may have a sleep disorder, and our team of professionals can help diagnose and treat your issue. #sleepwell #lovelife