How To Set Your Bedroom Up For Sleep


Sleep doesn’t always come easy to everyone. Taking small steps to make your bedroom more sleep friendly can lead to great improvements in your sleep.


Make the room as dark as possible. This may seem like a given because we usually go to sleep when it’s dark, but we often don’t think about the light that may be in our room. Electronics like phones, alarm clocks, TVs, and nightlights all can impact our sleep with the light they are emitting. Consider moving electronics to the other room. You can have your phone on in case of emergency, but maybe put it in the bathroom or outside the bedroom where you can hear your alarm but not have to see your phone light up with notifications. Investing in some blackout curtains will help keep the streetlights and moonlight out too.


Keep it cool. A Harvard Medical School study says your body drops in temperature right before you fall asleep to help you conserve energy. If you sleep in a colder room your body will drop to that level faster so you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.


Keep your room clean. A messy room can make for a messy mind and make it harder to fall asleep. When you see that pile of laundry on the floor your brain is mentally making a note about it and then you might spend time thinking about all of the other things you need to do. A tidy room can help you feel less stressed about your to-do list so you can fall asleep faster.


These are just some tips to set up your room for a good night of sleep. Other simple things like removing the TVs and making sure your mattress is comfortable are equally important. Set yourself up for success and make your bedroom a sleep palace.