How To Keep A Sleep Journal

woman with headphones sitting in bed writing in journal with laptop open

How To Keep A Sleep Journal

There are many practices that can negatively impact our sleep, and a sleep specialist can help you diagnose which habits are making it harder for you to fall or stay asleep at night. If you have suffered from sleep issues, and are planning to talk to a doctor, you should keep a sleep journal ahead of your appointment.


A sleep journal should track what time you went to bed and what time you got out of bed, how often you woke up through the night and how long you stayed awake, what disturbed your sleep, and how you felt in the morning (rested, somewhat rested, fatigued).


It’s also helpful to track your daytime habits like amount of caffeine consumed and times, medications, naps (time of day and length), mood, whether you consumed alcohol before bed, and what your bedtime routine looks like.


The National Sleep Foundation has a journal outline available online, or you can use a blank notebook. Keep track of your rest, and ask a specialist to help you figure out how to make changes to sleep better. Call us today for your sleep consult at 509-345-3154!